I Bought Pub Cheese!

by Dana Snook on January 8, 2014



Yesterday, I posted this picture on my Facebook page about my quick Trader Joe’s shopping trip. Someone commented about my Pub Cheese. Thankfully the comment was a positive one, they thanked me for being real. I could have easily taken the cheese out of the picture, but that wouldn’t have been authentic.

Listen, I am real. I am a dietitian, a business owner, a wife and a mom. If you follow me on Social Media, you will see, I mostly cook homemade food and tend to eat mostly my definition of  “real” food. I am, however, a real person who enjoys food. I practice what I preach, I include all foods into my diet that I enjoy and today that was Pub Cheese (I can not tell you the last time I’ve had it, but it made me think back to when I was a child).

So rather than trying to live up to other people’s expectations and be that person that always tries to do everything perfect, I am here to tell you…you can still eat Pub Cheese and be healthy! No excuses, no blame, just enjoying food.

My only word of advice, learn to sit down at the table and actually enjoy it!

Much Love,

Dana Snook


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