Eating, Exercise and Weight Loss!

by Dana Snook on November 14, 2013

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You’ve made the decision to start exercising and changing your diet to get healthy, maybe drop a few pounds, only to find that your energy level is decreasing and you are always feeling hungry. It’s so frustrating that you want to give up on this exercise stuff. You even step on the scale to find that you haven’t lost a pound and that’s REALLY frustrating.

What if I told you what you are eating or NOT eating could be affecting your exercise sessions?

I’m going to give you the tips on what to eat to start seeing real changes and have the energy to exercise again the next day!

It’s not just about eating something! It’s about combining the right foods that digest properly leading to an efficient workout and avoiding fatigue the next day.

Here they are the 3 steps to eating for the most efficient workout and best recovery for the next day:

3-4 hours prior to exercise have a balanced meal to include protein, carbohydrate and fat

PB and Banana Sandwich

Deli Sandwich

Eggs and Buttered Toast

Grilled Chicken Salad with Dressing and a Roll

15-60 minutes prior to excise have a carbohydrate rich snack

Gatorade or 100% fruit juice

Fruit (canned, dried or fresh)


Low Fat crackers

Within 30 minutes after exercise a low fat carbohydrate and protein snack

Skim chocolate milk

Egg Whites and Jelly Toast

Protein Powder mixed with skim milk or juice

Okay, I know what you are thinking….”I have to eat all that, how will I ever lose weight.”

I’m here to tell you that eating like this will allow the body the energy it needs to exercise well, build muscle and recover well and all that will equal inches lost.

It’s time to do right by your body and move it in a way that feels right for you and nourish it so that you can get the best out of your body.

I’d love to hear what you favorite exercise snacks are? Feel free to comment below!


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