It’s a New Year! What Will Your Goal Be?

by Dana Snook on January 1, 2014

2014 new year meal concept

Today is the first day of a New Year…2014! I am so looking forward to 2014 and all that it will bring for my family and my clients. Although 2013 was a good year for me, it didn’t come without its challenges. I worked hard everyday being a first time mama, raising a little girl, all while starting my nutrition business.

What I’m most proud of though, is my commitment to follow through. Don’t get me wrong, I had days of self doubt, feelings of being overwhelmed and just plain exhaustion, but when things got hard I dug deep and kept going. My progress may have been slower, but I’ve made lots of progress!

So, as you go into this New Year, what are you looking to accomplish? Whether you are looking to eat healthier, start exercising, spend more time as a family, and/or change your career goals it’s time you make the commitment. All new goals will come with its ups and downs. Jump in and dig deep when you hit a road block! I know you can! I believe in you!

With that being said, the best part of starting my business is all of you. I couldn’t have done it without you and for that I am forever grateful and appreciative.

As we bring in 2014, I want to say, “Thank You!” This is going to be a GREAT year!

Much Love,


P.S. If you are wanting help with your eating join my for my 30 Day Brain Body Transformation starting next week!

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