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Because Feeding Your Children Shouldn’t Be Stressful!!


Children Feeding Plans Because Feeding Your Children Shouldn’t Be Stressful!!

There seems to be nothing more perfect than sitting down and feeding your family
a meal while being confident that you and your children will eat well.

… This, however is not always the case!

Every family member and child is unique, some may be picky eaters,  problem eaters, struggle with with what to eat, have a strong aversions to food, and/or won’t eat a variety of food.

Fortunately, there is help available for your family to bring back enjoyment into the family meal.

Here at Nutrition 4 Family,  I offer personalized nutrition & feeding consultations that provide nutrition plans customized for the way in which you want to feed your family.

I know better than anyone how frustrating poor eating habits can be for both children and parents. I also know there is a breakdown of correct feeding information out there for your family.

Family Meals

Poor eating habits can develop at anytime in a child’s life. Babies who are premature, have a food intolerance,  spit up frequently, and/or who are started too early on food may develop an oral aversions to food. Toddlers who used to be great eaters and then learn “independence” may start refusing food.

Life events can impact your children’s eating such as the birth of a sibling, divorce, and/or moving.

If a parent doesn’t understand this it may cause a struggle with eating.

When you add all these unique factors that may have effected your family, in addition to all the conflicting information by medical professionals, books, friends and family, it’s no wonder you become overwhelmed and confused.

Your family is special and unique, and it’s important that you get reliable information specific to your family’s needs. What you need is a personalized feeding plan for your family.

What you need are the consulting services from Nutrition 4 Family!

When you are ready to get help,  you have several options that may work for your family. No matter what option you choose feel assured that you will learn why your child’s eating has been impacted and learn to enjoy family meals again while raising children who eat a variety of food. How we feed our children will determine what they eat!

Family feeding dynamics are getting in the way of raising successful eaters. Most parents I work with are trying too hard to “get” their children to eat healthy. How we feed our children will determine what they eat!

If feeding your family has become stressful, there is help available.

I offer personalized feeding & nutrition plans that provide feeding options
customized for your families unique challenges.


Families that may benefit from a consultation:

  • Picky eating
  • Sensory issues
  • Weight acceleration
  • Overweight diagnosis
  • Food Preoccupation
  • Underweight Children or Children not gaining weight appropriately
  • Child diagnosed with Failure to Thrive



Children Feeding Plans, Telephone Consultation

 90 Minute Initial Consultation & Follow up Assessment

 This initial consultation is for a new clients 
 A telephone consultation will be scheduled upon receipt of all paperwork 
 This plan is best for the parent needing assistance in helping a child eat well.

√ Complete Medical Record Review and Full Assessment and Recommendations


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  Initial Consult & Three follow-ups

This plan includes the Initial Consultation and 3 follow-ups
 This plan is designed for more advanced feeding issues that will require regular follow-up.
 This plan will save you over $61


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A La Cart Additional Follow-up Phone Calls (previous clients only)

One follow-up       


Two follow-ups    


  Three follow-ups


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Let’s Get Started!

Once you have booked your initial consultation, you will receive an email including an Assessment form, HIPPA Privacy Policy and Release of Information Form. I will also, as you send me 3 meals video taped meals as well. Please be sure to fill out ALL Assessment forms and return as soon as possible so your appointment can be scheduled. Thank you.

**Refund Policy: We have a no refund policy for any of the consultation packages

**Rescheduling Policy: We have a 24-hour rescheduling policy. If you cancel less than 24-hours from the time of your scheduled appointment, you will be charged for the appointment. No exceptions.

***All prices in USD