Success Stories


Dana is an amazing pediatric dietitian! I met Dana while working together as a team for a childhood weight management program. I always listened very carefully to what she would teach and also took my own mental notes for the day that I would start a family.

After having my son, our family faced a few serious health issues. My son was not only a colicky baby, but also very constipated and was diagnosed as being allergic to milk and soy. My pediatrician was helpful and supportive, however, I knew that I could count on Dana to help us understand these issues that were directly related to his nutrition and formula choices.

I would call Dana quite often with many questions regarding my son’s formula and symptoms. Dana was always available to help either by phone or email. She responded to my questions immediately and gave us the information we needed to not only make the right choices, but to also understand what my son was going through.

At one point, my son was hospitalized in Philadelphia for his food allergy and Dana made the trip to come and visit to check on my son, but to also give me support and a shoulder to lean on.

My son is now happy and healthy and I still speak with Dana on a regular basis. I like to brag and tell her that my son eats grilled chicken and vegetables and not just chicken nuggets!
 -Kellie, NJ

Dana, I can’t thank you enough. I had been recommended to your program by several of my co-workers because my child’s weight was too high per BMI standards. I was very apprehensive upon my first meeting with you because we had been to several dietitians in the past and restricting my child’s calories only made the problem worse. I was so relieved that first day when you explained how the Trust Model worked and how you would not require us to restrict our children. It all made so much sense. Over those 10 weeks, I learned feeding my child at the table and providing a variety of foods allowed her to grow more consistently and stop obsessing about food. I can’t thank you enough and I hope you continue to pass this on to more parents. -Melissa, NJ

Your program was outstanding. You are real asset to the nutrition world. My child is a very picky eater and although he was growing consistently, I knew that he couldn’t be meeting his nutrient needs. I took your class and realized I was the one doing it all wrong, not him. I stopped putting so much pressure on him to eat and after only about 2 weeks he started to experiment with new foods. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your program. Thank you again. -Samantha, NJ

After many doctors and tests we could not explain why my son was not growing or gaining weight. As a last resort, we were referred to Dana for help. Dana was very knowledgeable and gave us the guidance and support we needed to help our son. At his very next check-up we were amazed to see how much he grew and how much weight he put on due to Dana’s help. -Sandra, Hamilton NJ

Dana, I can’t thank you enough. After having a hard time controlling diabetes for the past 10 years I’m so glad I found you. Not only am I feeling better, but my HgBA1C is down to 6.5!! I can’t Thank you enough. – Sue, NJ